DrugStars Real World insights delivering
Patient Powered Pharmaceuticals.

More than 300.000 users, consuming over 55 million doses of medicine, resulting in over 3 million drug review data points. This data is the backbone of our online software solution built for the future of pharma patient centricity.

Real-World Patient from 1€ per patient per month.

Ongoing Improved Adherence
DrugStars Live patient support / education

01: Real World Engagement

Scientifically documented to improve adherence and reduce dropout.

This allows you to optimize your Real-World Engagement among DrugStars users already using your products. Helping them improve their adherence and reducing your dropout.

It is a 100% pharma “hands-off” service. 

We believe that the most expensive user you can possibly have is the one you lose due to dropout or switching to a competitor’s product.

02: Real World Education

Maximise your current PSP and disease awareness investments.

Real World-Education allows you to deliver your already approved Patient Support Program and disease awareness materials directly to DrugStars users inside the app already within the disease areas of your interest.

This new and very popular media channel will help improve the conversations we’re having. So why not find your existing patient material and set it up with us.



DrugStars App share your Patient Support programs

03: Real World Evidence

Listen to the patient voices on your products in a unique secondary market research setting.

Get Real-World Evidence insights directly from patients. We have more than 55.000.000 drug review data points across most brands. 

So if you you’d like to to see how a specific category, treatment area, product or even if you’re just curious about how your competitors are performing in the hands of real patients then try us out.

We’ve made our pricing simple and fair.

You pay on the go for what you get with costs based on your products Defined Daily Dose (DDD)* list price. 


Your DDD list price X  # of patients per month* 

* minimum 1€ and 6 month signup.

Price example

01: Real World Engagement

If DrugStars currently have 100 users actively using your product and you would like to help and support them with an offer of  better adherence while you reduce your risk of dropout.

If your DDD price is 2€ our price is 2€ x 100 patients per month.

Price example

02: Real World Education

If DrugStars currently have 400 users that could benefit from your PSP or disease awareness programs and you wish to generate a switch to your product.


If your DDD price is 2€ our price  is 2€ x 400 patients per month.

Price example

03: Real World Evidence

DrugStars also have unique insights from lets say 800 individual patient respondents on Real World Evidence on your product and your key competitors products. 

If your DDD price is 2€ our price is 2€ x 800 patients per month.

For transparency towards the users of the DrugStars app we disclose our pharmaceutical clients.

From the revenue of our business we have been able to let our DrugStars users donate more than 506.000€ to our +240 partner patient organizations. 


Take a look at DrugStars.com for more information.

Browse some of our sample reports.

Here you can see a selection of our free reports. Behind these reports lies a lot more Real World Insight, brand names, competitors products, category information and much more. If you are from a patient organisation, charity, journalist, student or NGO then this data is available to you for free. Should you have any questions or requests about our data please feel free to drop us an email.

Taking meds is complicated for the patient, but we’ve made our product easy for you!

Get a quote, have a chat and let us show you the power of our Real-World patient Insights.

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